Blocks for Me.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Want to see my new toys?  This is totally a guilty-pleasure purchase.  I couldn't resist the beauty of Sundance Catalog's ribbon spools in grosgrain, plaid, and velvet.  They come on fabulous wooden spools, with a pearl-tipped straight pin holding the ribbon in place.  The colors, textures, and weight of the ribbon are perfect.  I love beautifully wrapped gifts, and I can't wait to tie some of these gorgeous ribbons onto Christmas packages.  Until then, though, I'll continue arranging and stacking and rearranging and playing with these beautiful blocks that are just for me. 

I think these will look lovely in my sewing room.  I have some small picture ledge shelves that I plan to hang soon, so I already have a place to put these.  I'll happily reuse the spools when I run out of ribbon.  I've been looking for a good elastic storage solution -- wonder if these spools will work?


  1. How pretty! I love all kinds of fabric ribbon, too. You know, you could print, mat and frame these pictures for your sewing room.

  2. Those are gorgeous! I wouldn't want to use them, they're almost too pretty,