Friday, November 12, 2010

Welcome to my tiny corner of the blogosphere. I've followed blogs for years, I've done a fair amount of online journaling, and I've made some very special friends through the Internet. Apparently all of that has led me here, to the beginning of my journey as a blogger.

I have never thought of myself as a blogger. After all, bloggers have endless time on their hands, take professional-quality photos, know technology as well as Steve Jobs, write exceptionally well, and have talent and wit to spare. Right? And bloggers are so self-absorbed that they think the entire world wants to read what they have to say. Right? Well, if that's the standard, then I should turn in my blogger badge now. I confess that I have very little spare time, I'm just beginning to learn how to use a grownup camera and am muddling my way through a free trial of Photoshop Elements, and I know technology about as well as Homer Simpson. But I've learned the past couple of years that creative outlets are good for me and provide important balance in my life. So whether or not anyone besides my husband ever reads this blog, I'm excited to explore my creative side in this new way. And if I can inspire somebody along the way, make someone smile, or make a new friend or two, then that's a great bonus.


  1. Oh what a great adventure you've started! I'm a big believer in the power of creative outlets. I can't wait to see all your Great Jen Creations!

  2. Jen, your blog is adorable. Can't wait to see all the goodness you post here!

  3. What a beautiful blog! I am, as ever, blown away by your talent. And feel so privileged to have seen the Care Bear tee-dress out in the wild!