Christmas Birthday Tradition.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This morning, Mr. Great and I went to our daughter's preschool class and talked about a special family tradition.  Other families have talked about baking cookies, jumping in piles of leaves, lighting a menorah, exchanging ornaments.  We talked about celebrating a birthday on Christmas.  And I don't mean Jesus, though we do celebrate that too. 

My son will turn two this Christmas.  I still can't believe that we had a Christmas baby two years ago.  I think back to that day in amazement.  What a gift that was.

As much as the Christmas birth was a gift for me, I worry that it's a bit of a curse for Little Brother.  For now, the magic of the season and the merriment of holiday festivities seem like more than enough to make his birthday speical.  But I know a time will come when he wishes for a party on his birthday, or for a trip to a favorite ice cream parlor, or for his birthday not to get lost and forgotten in the celebration of the other December 25 birthday.  After all, how can he compete with Jesus and Santa?  I'm not sure what we'll do when that time comes, except to keep on trying to make the birthday special in every way we can. 

As I was driving away from school this morning, I had a great idea.  I think we'll pull out our old disco light (best anniversary present ever!) and have a dance party in honor of our birthday boy.  We'll turn up his favorite song -- Frosty the Snowman -- and get totally silly.  Now that's the beginning of a beautiful tradition.

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