It's Hip to Use Clips

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Looking for gift ideas for someone who sews?  Trying to put together your own sewing wish list?  It's that time of year, so I want to share something that I use all the time and really love:  sewing clips.

I'm a bit impatient when I sew, and pinning often feels like it slows me way down.  So whenever possible, I use clips instead of pins.  They're faster, they do the job well, they're easy, and I never poke myself with them.  I have two types:

The top ones are imported from Japan.  But the pink ones, my favorites, are actually alligator clips sold as blanks for making fancy hair barrettes.  They come in many sizes and colors, many available on Etsy (search supplies for "alligator clips").  I think mine are about 34 mm, but I've seen lots of colors in 42 mm, which should work just as well, from Etsy seller DIYornament.  I'm sure others also sell them.

Here they are in action:

I was going to tell you not to bother with the shorter ones, as I don't use mine often.  But then, lo and behold, they were perfect for holding piping.

So there you go, a cute, inexpensive gift idea that makes sewing more fun and efficient.  Hard to beat that!


  1. Genius! Wish I could do that with bobby pins. I have umpteen million of those. Do these clips not weigh down your fabric, though? Or make it crimp?

  2. I've never had trouble with crimping. In fact, I have more crimping issues with pins! And although clips are certainly heavier than pins, I think the extra weight is very easy to adjust to.

  3. I sew completely pin-free because of the crimping! It means I have to deal with other mistakes sometimes, but it generally works better. But, THESE might be the answer to all my troubles! Thanks!