Quickie Gift for a Fashionista.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Need a quick gift for someone on your list?  This took no time at all, and I think it turned out pretty cute.  If I had more time left, I'd make one of these for everybody I know.  But this is for a lovely lady who enjoys fine things and fashion.  (I don't know if she reads this blog, but hopefully I won't spoil the surprise.)

I know you're wondering what I put in there.  I wondered that too, for a while.  Then it came to me -- what woman doesn't need a Louis Vuitton basket for her microwave popcorn packets and retro, old-school popcorn bags?  (By the way, Etsy has lots of fun popcorn bags.  They're very inexpensive and make great gifts for people with kids.)

Pattern and Construction Notes:  I used NapKitten's mini fabric basket pattern, which really is more of a tutorial (it contains measurements, but no actual pattern pieces).  I omitted the fabric handles and, to save time, used cotton belting purchased at Joann instead.  I preferred having less lining folded over the exterior fabric, so I tweaked the pattern a bit there.  I purchased the LV fabric (surely not authentic) from Etsy a while ago, but I think there's still some available there.  The lining is Kaffe Fassett shot cotton, which has a very nice feel but is a little on the thin side for this use. 

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