Heidi & Finn Urban Hoodies.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I wish the Heidi & Finn Urban Hoodie pattern came in my size.  It's so cute for both boys and girls.  The slim cut is great, not too generous or boxy.  It's easy to put together, totally lined, and easy to get over small kids' big heads.

I cut out two, a 5T for Big Sister and a 2T for Little Brother.  I read instructions carefully (they're very clear), noting the 5/8-in. seam allowance (included).  I sewed the big one first, using a french terry print and thin rib knit for the lining.  When I had the basic shape of the shirt assembled, I tried it on my big girl.  Too small.  Not even close.  I went ahead and finished the hoodie, knowing that it wouldn't fit Big Sister.  It turned out quite cute, and I've heard that our little friend in the neighborhood, who turns three this month, loves it.  And apparently it fits her well.

Based on the one or two reviews I could find, and the few photos I'd seen, I decided to take an inch or so off the sleeves.  I think it was a good decision -- they'd be really long otherwise.  I used one button instead of three.

Recall that Little Brother's hoodie was already cut, so I couldn't size up.  Instead, I used a 1/4-in. seam allowance instead of 5/8-in. (that's what I typically use on knits anyway).  Worked perfectly.  His is a thinner french terry print (owls!) and a thicker rib knit lining.  I again took an inch or so off the sleeves, and they're still a bit long.  And I used a single button.  The little guy loves his hoodie:

I've read some reviews of this pattern, and it appears that others have not had the fit problems I did (too small all over, but especially under the arms).  I double-checked, and the pattern did print correctly.  So I'm not sure what went wrong for me, but using a smaller seam allowance seems to solve the problem.

Next time I sew this pattern, I'll probably shorten the sleeves even more and use ribbing for wider cuffs and the waist-band, stretching a bit.  As it is, the cuffs and waistband are the same size as the sleeves/bodice and don't have any stretch to them.

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