Kim's Magic Pop.

Monday, January 24, 2011

A friend and foodie blogger recently recommended Magic Pop as a great snack for kids.  It's made with a special industrial popper, which our local Central Market stores have (as do other stores around the country).  The kids love to watch the popper shoot out puffed discs about the size of a small frisbee or corn tortilla.  They're all natural, vegan, and each disc is only 15 calories.  The come in lots of flavors -- our store sells regular, strawberry, and onion, but I'd love to try pumpkin and cinnamon.  There's nothing especially nutritious in there, but there's nothing bad either (unless you avoid Red Dye No. 40, which is in the strawberry and may be in other flavors as well). 

We like them plain, but they're great with various spreads and toppings.  Central Market has a special right now for a free chocolate/hazlenut spread (like Nutella only organic and better!) when you buy a bag of Magic Pop.  It's a great deal (but, of course, that's lots more than 15 calories).  I think the best thing about Magic Pop is watching the kids eat frisbees.

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  1. My weenie kids are terrified of the magic pop machine. They're so scared they wouldn't even try a sample with the chocohazelnut spread. Fools!