Monday, January 24, 2011

Have you seen Pinterest?  It's a brilliantly fun "pinboard," or a place to collect images.  I'm not sure if pleasing visual design was part of the idea in creating Pinterest, but right now, with lots of design-oriented bloggers using it, it is loaded with beautiful images full of inspiration.

You easily install a "pin it" button to your browser toolbar, and when you see an image you like, you click that button to add the image to one of your "boards."  As far as I can tell, you can have unlimited boards, categorized and named any way you choose.  You can tag images and share them (not sure if there's a private option or not).  The "pins," or images, link back to their source.  So say that you find a terribly cute gift idea, which you know you'd like to be able to find again later --> pin it.  Or say that you find a photo with a paint color that would be perfect for your bathroom --> pin it.  Or you find a photo of a dress somebody sewed their little girl, which you'd like to use for inspiration in sewing your own --> pin it.  You get the idea.  Add it all together, and you get some fabulous eye candy:

What makes it even more fun is that there's a social aspect to it.  You can see what other people have pinned and, when you like something, "re-pin" to your own boards.  Other people can re-pin your images.  You can "follow" other people, and they can follow you.  You can check out my boards my pins and boards here, and then you'll have an option to follow me as I collect pretty things.  I'm not quite sure why you'd want to do this, but I'm happy to share in my Pinterest fun.

Pinterest is still in beta, and you need an invitation to join.  I requested an invitation and received one the same day, but I've heard of others having to wait longer.  I'm pretty sure I can send friends an invitation, so if you'd like one, please let me know and leave your email address in a comment.

I will warn you that Pinterest is addicting.  It's a really good way to lose hours and hours to the Internet.  But those hours are fun and will leave you feeling inspired and creative.  So get pinning...

(By the way, I admit freely that I don't fully understand the ethics or legalities of taking other people's images and collecting them in your own Pinterest boards, which are then shared with others.  It seems there's not so much concern about image theft and misuse through Pinterest because images are credited back to their original sources.  I haven't thought through whether that really adds much protection, or whether Pinterest creates any significant safety concerns that were not already present.  I guess it's another good reminder to always be mindful of safety and the potential for image theft/misuse when posting photos online.)

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  1. Ooh, Love it! And I love yours. Can you send me an invite?