Sewing gifts and goals.

Monday, January 3, 2011

I hope you all had happy holidays and that 2011 has brought a fresh start, renewed inspiration and optimism, and a deepening of your commitment to the things that are truly important in life -- health, friends and family, and whatever it is that keeps your soul happy.  I always love the spark of newness and excitement that accompanies the change in calendar.  I love the time of reflection, thinking about the past year and what it meant for us, reviewing the highlights and lowlights, taking stock of what we've done and what we still want to accomplish.  I love the organizing, planning, mapping out of the year to come.  I look forward to 2011 and plan to laugh, play, learn, and sew as much as I possibly can.

For us, the New Year began with a stomach bug, which was no fun at all.  But yesterday we recovered nicely with a fully-costumed family production of Cinderella (I got to play the fairy godmother AND the evil stepmother!), a dance performance to "Frosty the Snowman" by Little Brother, an inspection of our new garden (tiny heads of broccoli has emerged!), launching stomp rockets, playing at the park, cooking in our new convection oven, art projects featuring favorite Little Pet Shop creatures (who Big Sister calls Yoohoo Friends), and rides on a carousel.  Last night I returned to my sewing room after a long absense.  That gave me a chance to admire my Christmas sewing gifts:

I'm so fortunate to have family members who not only tolerate my obsession with sewing, but also feed the addiction.  They're too good to me, really.  My in-laws gave me the iron, a Reliable Velocity V-50, which is awesomely orange.  Don't be fooled by the manufacturer's description -- it's not compact at all.  In fact, it's larger and heavier than my old Rowenta.  But it's a steam machine and it's got me more excited about ironing than I've ever been in my life.  My sister gave me the bobbin box, which has a fabulous retro starburst.  My parents gave me the coverstitch binder, which I've really been wanting.  It makes a super wide binding (perfect for little boy shirts!).  And I'm thrilled to bits with the rainbow of my favorite thread, Mettler Metrosene.  It's not exactly convenient to buy locally, so having bunches of colors on hand is a tremendous joy.  Not pictured are an orange utensil cup that two-year-old Little Brother picked out himself and the best gift of all, from Mr. Great:  a framed piece of fabric featuring my my greatjen logo.  We actually need to take it back to the frame store for a little adjustment, so you'll have to wait for the big reveal.

After filing my thread rainbow and tidying up my sewing room, I took some time to think about my 2011 sewing goals.  The list is long, as always.  There are baby gifts to be sewn, jeans to be hemmed, t-shirts and twirly dresses to be made.  I'm sure that alone could fill my very limited sewing time.  But here are a few specific goals for the coming year:

1.  Sew something for myself in January.

2.  Sew at least two things for Little Brother during Celebrate the Boy month in February sponsored by Made by Rae and MADE.

3.  Sew buttons on Mr. Great's dress shirts.

4.  Sew something with Kraft Paper Fabric.

5.  Take more and better photos of my creations.

6.  Sew more fabric, buy less.

I've got some fun projects in mind.  Can't wait to get started!

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