Goal one -- check!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It feels a bit like cheating to say that I met my January sewing goal, when I made myself something so quick and simple as a t-shirt.  But a lot went into the prep work, and it's FOR ME, and it fits, so I think it counts.  "Sew something for myself in January" = done!

I made myself a boatneck tee (Jalie 2005).  I had a terrible time deciding on fabric and ultimately went with one of a few pieces that had already been washed and wasn't quite as juvenile as most of my other options (a 100% cotton interlock, I believe).  I also had a terrible time deciding on sizes.  I'm unfortunately pear-shaped, so my measurements indicated at least four different sizes.  After reading lots of Pattern Review comments, I went with the size indicated by bust measurement, but I adjusted up a size at the waist and hips.  There are some things I'd do a bit differently next time, but I think this one fits pretty well for a trial-run muslin.

Lo and behold, when Monday morning rolled around, I found myself taking off the blue sweater I had planned to wear and putting on my new shirt instead.  It worked great with a dark brown corduroy jacket and was surprisingly work-appropriate.

Although I did meet my specific January sewing goal, I have not come anywhere close to satisfying my my larger goals of sewing for myself.  I've had fabric picked out for Selfish Seamstress's coffee date dress for months (I'm only 10 months late for Grosgrain's Frock by Friday sew-along).  Maybe I'll tackle that one of these days when the weather warms up again.


  1. It looks great! One of my big goals when we moved was to have an area for my sewing machine and actually use it. Yeah, that hasn't happened.

  2. It looks fantastic, and that fabric is a great choice! WTG! xx