Making Valentines.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My little girl may look just like her dad, but she's got a whole lot of her mama on the inside.  She's every bit as focused, determined, and stubborn as I am.  I'm pretty sure she's even more creative and artistic.

A couple of weeks before Valentine's Day, I asked what sort of valentines she would like to give her friends at school -- ballerinas, princesses, mermaids, cute animals, what?  I suggested a trip to Target to see the options.  She seemed very confused by the question.  Did I mean that she was not allowed to *make* her valentines?

I don't want to stifle her creativity, of course.  But I feared the Sunday night mad rush to finish 20 valentines.  So, thinking only of myself, I tried to tempt her with Disney characters.  She didn't even consider it.  She insisted that valentines must be made, not bought.

See, she's her mama's girl.

The week before Valentine's Day, she spent almost every moment working on valentines.  Our kitchen was covered in construction paper, doilies, sparkles, stickers, glue, ribbon, markers, and tape.  When she woke up, she went straight to valentines.  When she got home, she went straight to valentines.  At school, she did little but make valentines (including lift-the-flap books!) for her family. 

We did still have a bit of Sunday craziness, because she spent lots of time on very special valentines for very special friends, while spending almost no time on the majority of her classmates' valentines.  And she hadn't written names on any of them.  But even the last-minute valentines were personalized with a drawing of the recipient, including mostly-accurate hair and eye color.  I am very proud of my little artist.

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  1. I was completely caught off guard about sending Valentines to school with my little one. But I've been inspired to plan ahead for next year and have craft supplies on hand a few weeks before so the Valentines won't have to be a night before mad dash to the store.