My first softie!

Monday, February 28, 2011

When I saw the Allsorts fluffy stuffy bunny pattern, I knew it was time for me to venture into the world of sewing softies.  I've never had much desire to sew a stuffed animal -- after all, there are shorts and Spring dresses to be sewn -- but that all changed when I saw Jenny B's ridiculously cute *free* pattern.  So despite my February goal to sew for my boy, I had to tackle the project right away.  Here's what I came up with:

  And a view of the reverse of the dress (also a *free* pattern from Allsorts):

Now I'm new to sewing softies, so I have no real frame of reference, but it seems to me that the design and assembly of this little bunny are ingenious.  You sew directly onto a freezer paper tracing, then cut.  There's nothing hard about this.  It's allsorts of easy (ha!), and it's fast.

I used a deliciously soft fabric called Minky Bonded Cuddle, which must have been on super sale when I bought it because now it's pricey.  Apparently I like a challenge, because this fabric is backed with microsuede, which makes the hand embroidery (done at the end after the bunny is fully sewn and stuffed) more than a little tough.  I think that also explains the crooked features, but I've decided that I like my bunny's imperfections.  I also found some ridiculously soft yarn that made the perfect little cottontail.

I'm already at work on a second bunny.  Big Sister is green with envy that I got a bunny before she did.  So a pink bunny, made with Minky Cuddle Super Plush is in the works for her.  It's slippery fabric, but it's so soft that I have been told very clearly that this bunny will NOT have a dress.  Fine by me.

I've had such fun with this project that I've already bought Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Dolls to Sew and Love for future softie projects.


  1. You're little bunny came out so CUTE! Great job for a first-time softie.

  2. That is absolutely ADORABLE! You've inspired me to get cracking on some softies for my girls.

    BTW, you're blog is super cute! I just found it from a link on Piccoli Piselli & I love it!