Warm ears.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I love being a sewing mama.  I love having a dedicated sewing space and not having to drag my machines out of a closet.  I love having a plentiful fabric stash on hand.  All of those things mean that I was able to decide at 10:00 pm last night that Big Sister needed a warmer hat for today's freakish cold front, so I whipped up something cute in a hurry. 

This is from Deidre Wicks's Happy Hat pattern, with flowers inspired by Katie Segel's fun creations.  The pattern is for an adult hat, so I modified it a bit to fit Big Sister's head.  It was extremely easy to put together. The lower band and ear flaps are lined with a very soft, furry fleece, so it's nice and warm.  Big sister was so happy to discover her new hat this morning that she put it on with her PJs and wore it until she left the house.

I was happy that I went to bed long before the cold wind blew in.  And I'm happy knowing that my cutie pie's sweet little ears are protected from this brutal cold.

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