Gnomeo and Gnomeo.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The weather is warming up.  The garden is growing beautifully.  Why not strip off your clothes and paint a garden gnome?  That's just what we did last weekend.

Mr. Great picked up these paint-a-gnome kits (age 8 and up, but who's counting?) at Target for about $3 each.  Each kit contains a small ceramic gnome, a paintbrush, and a set of paints (acrylic?).  The kids loved them.  They concentrated:

They mixed colors:

They worked hard on their great creations:

They even painted leaves (and their own tummies):

And now we have two cute little friends to look over our garden:

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  1. I miss so much seeing them grow! Have to catch up soon!
    Love the Gnomeos!!!