Nature Walk shorts.

Monday, March 14, 2011

I finally managed to put together something for my boy.  I've been wanting to use this fabric for a while (stretch French terry that I got from The Fabric Fairy ages ago, apparently no longer available).  I had pants in mind (especially for these great fall colors), but it took me too long to finally start this project and now the weather is warming up, so I went for long shorts instead.  This is the Oliver + S Nature Walk Knit Pants pattern, shortened.

As with all Oliver + S patterns I've used, the instructions are great and easy to follow.  These shorts went together very quickly and easily.  The yoke design is a nice touch.  

I made these in 2T for my two-year-old little guy, who still wears some 18-24 but seems solidly in 2T now.  Sadly, these are too snug for his cute little bubble butt.  I'm glad I didn't take time to match the plaid.  But I'm bummed that I used up this fabric that I really like.  

I was going to make a Longhorn tee to go with the shorts, since Fall isn't far off and the Longhorns can't possibly do much worse than this year.  Since the shorts don't fit, I'm putting that project off.  If I had done it, it would have looked something like this, except better:

Edited to Add:  One of the reasons I was so excited to make Little Brother pants out of this fabric is that I swore up and down Mr. Great had similar pants when he was a toddler.  I remember a photo of him in pants just like these.  Turns out that my memory isn't so good.  The pants aren't plaid at all.  I found the photo, and although there's a plaid stroller on a very busy linoleum floor, the pants are definitely not plaid.  Huh.  It's a cute picture anyway, and I can't help but share.  Must have been a tough day for their mama!

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