Fun with Actions.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I've been experimenting with actions in Photoshop Elements.  It's amazing what one click of a button can do to a photo.  You can get all sorts of looks.  Here are a few too many examples of actions (apologies for subjecting you to the same photo over and over again).   This is the original photo, which is pretty decent but could use a little pizazz:

For the sake of demonstration, I did not tweak the opacity at all.  You run the action, and his is what you get.  Also, I'm showing fairly subtle enhancement actions, not actions that give dramatic, artsy looks.

Florabella actions:




Paint the Moon actions:

Lucky Ducky.


Heart & Soul.

Which is your favorite?  

I find myself drawn to the brighter, more vibrant ones.  But the softer ones are great too.  There are so many amazing actions out there.  Running them is the easy part.  Choosing is the hard part.  I could spend all day playing with actions.


  1. I love actions! My favorite out of the ones you posted is "Timeless." Makes your little guy's beautiful eyes really pop!

  2. I like the Timeless and Heart and Soul. I think I need Photoshop...

  3. Oh I am almost embarrassed to say this but here goes.... I bought PSE about 2 years ago fully intending to make fantabulous photos of my entire brood. I have opened the program up, a few times. To make matters worse a while back I purchased all of Paint the Moon's actions. Downloaded them to my hard drive. Never evah have I even tried to use them. I'm scared sh!tless. I must be a total dork because for some reason PSE and I are not friends. I keep saying once the kids are older I'll take a class. Doubt it.