Reversible Shorts.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thanks to a cold and a sinus infection, my sewing time seems to have evaporated lately.  But I have managed to complete one very quick little project -- reversible shorts!

This project began with some cotton fabric that looks like linen from Superbuzzy.  It's got great texture and color, but it seemed a little thin to use alone, so I decided to line the shorts.  I had some Free Spirit / David Walker rocket fabric that worked well, but it was much too cute to just be lining.  So why not make the shorts reversible?

These are based on the MADE basic pants pattern/tutorial.  Although there's a separate tutorial for lined pants, those are not reversible, so I did my own thing.  I cut down the waist of the rocket fabric and folded the solid orange over to make a waist casing.  I did essentially the same on the hem, trimming the rocket fabric and folding the orange over before sewing.  Because there were already two layers of fabric, I didn't add pockets.  They look a little like pajamas, but Little Brother seems to like them.

The t-shirt is one I made a while ago.  It's an Ottobre Design pattern, though I couldn't tell you anymore which one.  I love the monkeys-in-spaceships fabric, which I bought from Felicitysiu's Etsy shop.

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