Children's Ball.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

So where did we go all decked out in pirate costumes?  To a Children's Ball, where we joined princes, princesses, and superheroes in a fundraiser for the Relief Nursery of Central Texas.  The Relief Nursery is dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect through early intervention for overwhelmed and vulnerable families.  A fun event for a great cause -- perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

We first decorated pirate hats.

Then Big Sister got her face painted.

Little Brother gave himself a (chocolate) pirate beard.

Big Sister got her fingernails painted.

Then we went fishing, where Little Brother caught an army man with a parachute.

We watched a clown do funny tricks.

Then a major cold front rolled in, so Big Sister jumped in the bounce house to warm up.  This is how you say "Brrrrrrr" in pirate:

And this is how you say "Arrrrrrr!": 

We posed for pictures.

And we danced on the stage with Oma.

That's the story of our pirate adventure.

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