Easter, part 1.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter is such a fun holiday for kids, isn't it?  I have very happy childhood memories of decorating eggs at my Grammie's house and hunting for eggs with my cousins, then hiding them and finding them over and over again until the shells completely fell apart.  I remember wearing new Easter dresses and sandals, and being ridiculously excited about the Easter Bunny.  I hope my kids will enjoy the holiday as much as I did. I think we're off to a good start.

This was the first year that we dyed eggs.  My parents and sister came over to join in the fun.  I didn't take any photos for fear of dye spilling all over my kitchen.  But look at our pretty eggs (they got even prettier later, when we added stickers):

Our Easter Sunday began very early, when Big Sister awoke screaming at 4:00 am that her head hurt.  I first thought ear infection and sent Mr. Great to get some pain-killing drops from the medicine cabinet.  While he was digging through years of outdated medicines, I clued in that Big Sister was having trouble turning her head.  Neck crick!  Oh no!

As often happens with holidays, many things did not go as I imagined on Easter Sunday.  It began with the crick, continued to both kids refusing to wear the cute clothes I had chosen (I ultimately gave up and let them choose something from the not-embarrassingly-stained side of the closet), and even spread to the food, which tasted a little funky.  Despite those surprises, it was a great day.

The Easter Bunny came while we were at church.  My parents and sister/husband also arrived while we were out (coincidence?).  When we came home, there were Easter baskets waiting and eggs hidden in the back yard.  Big Sister was worried that she would not be able to bend down to gather eggs, and that made for lots of drama.  But she perked up when she went outside to smash treasure eggs with a hammer.  These are treasure eggs (which come from the Natural Kids & Toys Etsy shop):

And this is what you do with them:

They weren't really hard enough to break apart with the hammer.  They had to be ripped apart with the claw end, which required a little bit of help.

Each treasure egg had a pretty gemstone in it.  We love pretty rocks!

When we moved to the back yard to find hidden eggs, the crick didn't slow Big Sister down a bit.  She was a blur of excited activity.

I did get her to freeze occasionally for a photo:

Little Brother moved a bit more slowly, opening each egg as he found it before moving on to another. 

To be continued...

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