Kids Clothes Week Challenge.

Monday, May 16, 2011

During Elsie Marley's seven-day KCWC, participants sew kids' clothes for at least an hour each day.  It's amazing to see what some people manage to sew in a week.  I think they must be sewing seven hours per day instead of seven hours total.  I've always known that my perfectionist tendencies slow me down, but this challenge really highlights just how pokey I am.  I only finished one dress.  It's a cute one though, so I guess I'll call the challenge a success.

This is the Twirly Dress by Sew Sweet Patterns, in size 6 for Big Sister.

The back has two rows of elastic in casings and ties through loops.  Very cute and practical design.

I can't quite tell if this pattern runs a bit small through the ribcage, or if Big Sister is just generously sized herself (probably some of each?).  It fits my large 4.5-year-old perfectly, but without a lot of room to spare.

Sneaky Little Brother wiggled his way into almost every picture!

When they named this dress Twirly, they weren't kidding.  It should be named Tremendously Twirly.  This skirt has some serious twirl power.  I think the circumference around the bottom hem is 152 inches!

Fabric:  This is by Roxy/Quicksilver, and it's some of the softest woven fabric I've ever found.  The quality is fantastic.  I wish I could remember where I bought it, wish I had bought more, wish I could find more now.  If you ever see some of their fabric for sale, please let me know.  The orange dots is by Moda, which has some of the best options for coordinates around. This was my first time to order from Fat Quarter Shop, and the fabric arrived in two days.  Awesome!

Construction Notes:  The pattern designers say up front that this pattern is for people with more sewing experience.  Translation:  There are some things you have to figure out for yourself.  The directions never mention pressing, for example.  And the seam allowance isn't always clear.  It's not a hard pattern to improvise on, but if you sew late at night like I do, improvising can sometimes lead to taking things apart, which can lead to only completing one project during a sewing challenge week.  If you are thinking of making this dress, please heed this warningThere is an error in the pattern -- three strips of ruffle fabric will not be enough for the larger sizes!  After following directions, I calculated that the circumference at the bottom of the skirt was about 20 inches larger than the circumference of the unruffled band that you're supposed to attach.  That does not work.  Instead of three 5 inch by 22 inch strips for the ruffle, I used five.  That's a lot of fabric to work with.  I'm wondering if a ruffle foot would make the job easier (I actually have one but have never attempted to use it)?  Next time I might just use bias tape instead of messing with the ruffle, although it certainly does look good.  Also, I used a 1/2 in. seam allowance on the straps, but next time I think I'd use 1/4 in. instead.

ETA:  Sew Sweet Patterns is revamping the instructions for the Twirly Dress pattern, so it may not be available for a little while, until they re-release it.  Sorry to be a tease!

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  1. What a cute dress! I really need to brush off my sewing machine and start using it again, especially now that I have room for it in our laundry room.