Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We recently went to a children's ball, where kids were invited to come dressed as princes/princesses, pirates, or superheros.  Mine wanted to be pirates.  We had no pirate costumes, and the hat and vest I ordered from Canada did not arrive in time.  So the night before the ball, I gathered Old Navy t-shirts, PJs from The Children's Place, gold trim from Joann, and went to work.  Thanks to MADE and the awesome Frontier Vest pattern (with Pirate Vest tutorial) and Basic Pants pattern, I emerged from my sewing room ready to outfit two cute pirates, with hours to spare.

For Big Sister's vest, I took quite a bit of length off and rounded the corners.  I enlarged the pattern just a bit.  I used two soft cotton Old Navy t-shirts -- it gets hot in Texas, and I like dress-up clothes to be breathable when possible.

The vest is reversible, with ric-rac showing only on the red side:

Little Brother's vest was made basically the same way, except that I used a larger seam allowance to make the vest overall smaller.  His is reversible too, red Old Navy tee on one side, Children's Place knit skull PJs on the other side.

You can't see the fabulously cheesy gold buttons, which have anchors on them.

I also made Little Brother some shorts out of a pair of Children's Place woven PJ pants in a skull print.  I didn't take a photo specifically of those, or of the sash I cut for each kid.  But if you look closely, you can probably make out those pieces:

They liked their costumes well enough that I didn't have to walk the plank.  Whew.

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