Little Red Riding Hood.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last week, Big Sister made her stage debut as Goldilocks in her preschool's fairy tale play.

That's her in blue, in the bears' cottage, just about too eat Papa Bear's too-hot porridge.  She was great, and it was a treat to see her perform in front of an audience.

This week, she's Little Red Riding Hood.

The cape I purchased off Etsy a couple of years ago, the dress I made.  It's Leila & Ben's Sweet Little Dress pattern, now available in sizes 6-10.

It's a wonderful pattern, very quick and easy to put together.  I added the waist strip and elastic -- just folded a piece of fabric as you would bias binding, sewed it on to make a casing, inserted an elastic loop, and closed it up.  Easy as pie.  I think I will make many more of these.

Makes a cute play dress, doesn't it?

There's a Flickr group for Leila & Ben's patterns, full of inspirational photos of the Sweet Little Dress.

Of course, Little Brother can't help but find his way into our photos.

Fabric Notes:  The Red Riding Hood fabric is a Japanese import, cotton-linen mix:

The red with hearts is Hobby Lobby fabric I've had since I started sewing.  I swear I only bought a yard of it, but it keeps finding its way into my projects.  I'm nostalgic about it because it was my first sewing project as an adult, when Big Sister was neither big nor a sister.

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