Scene from the Sewing Studio.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's a very busy time at work, and my sewing machine has taken a trip to the Pfaff Spa, where it will be pampered and massaged until it decides to wind bobbins again.  So I'm left to daydream about sewing.  Even when I'm not sewing with my hands, I find myself sewing in my head.  I'm planning projects, dreaming up fabric combinations, thinking through construction steps and techniques.  I believe it helps me to be more efficient when I actually put my hands to work, but Mr. Great would probably just say that I'm obsessed.  Since I can't be in my sewing room right now, how about I share a glimpse of my work space?

I once hired somebody to fold fabric for me, so I could spend my time enjoying my sewing space and actually sewing, rather than stressing about disorganized piles of fabric.  It worked out beautifully, and this was the result -- neat, organized stacks of perfectly folded fabric.  I can't say it looks quite this tidy today, or that I haven't accumulated new disorganized piles of fabric, but at least now I have a photographic model of how my fabric should look.

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