10K by 40.

Friday, July 29, 2011

When Little Brother was born, I set a goal for myself:  run a 10K before I turn 40.  It was very important to me, and I was determined to do it.  So about a year ago, I started to get serious about running again.  I used to run, before kids, and I was ready to tone up and feel more fit.  More than anything, I was happy to be working toward my goal.  I was doing great, progressing well, and enjoying it.  Mr. Great was committed to my goal too, so he would handle the kids after work while I squeezed in a run before it got dark.  We were in a good groove.

Then everything changed.  I was diagnosed with a medical condition that ended running for me, probably forever (though I have a great physical therapist who thinks a light jog might be possible someday, but certainly not now).  I walk a lot now instead (in my running skirt).  It's been a hard adjustment in many ways, and part of what's made it so difficult has been my 10K-by-40 goal.  I couldn't let it go.

I decided a couple of months ago that I shouldn't be so married to the details of my goal and should be more flexible about how I meet it.  Two 5Ks, walking, would work.  I did the first (with the support of my family) at the end of June.  But it turns out that walking-friendly 5Ks are nearly impossible to find the last two weeks of July when it's 105 degrees.  Go figure.

Last week, Mr. Great gave me an amazing birthday gift.  He took the day off work and gave me my 10K.  We set out in the morning, before it got too hot, and we walked all over town.  We walked through neighborhoods, down trails, through the University campus.  In the end, we covered 7.5 miles on foot (that's way beyond 10K and makes up for walking!). 

So today I'm 40, and I've met my goal.  

Thank you, Mr. Great, for making it possible, and for helping me to see that with the support of this family, many great things will be possible in my 40s.

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday! How wonderful to meet your milestone no matter which way you got there. Your 40s are going to be Great for The Great Jen!