Small Town Parade, Part 1.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm late in posting this, but there's never a bad time for red, white, and blue, right?  I'll warn you now that there are lots of photos coming.  This was great fun, and there are many great shots.

Remember the perfect 1952 red truck?  For July 4, we decorated it and put it in the Wimberley parade.  The theme this year was "A Texas Classic" -- what a perfect description of both the truck and this small-town Texas parade. 

Did you know that this truck is a movie star now?  It is!  It can be seen in an upcoming short film called Ruth's Locket.  I'm not sure when it will be released, or where, but if you happen to see the movie, watch for the pretty red truck.

For July 4, we put on our patriotic best, loaded up the pickup bed with flags and bags full of candy, and lined up to join lots of other Wimberley folks in the parade.  There was music, provided by Little Brother.  And there were homemade crowns.

Homemade necklaces, too.

There was lots to see as we waited for the parade to begin, including the Wimberley high school band, horses, other old cars and trucks, and floats.

Of course, the best view of all was from the truck.

Finally, the parade began and off we went with flags in hand and festive headwear on heads.

To be continued...

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