Third Annual Father's Day Hike.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

For the third year running, we've braved brutal heat to take Mr. Great on a hike.  It's become a special family tradition that we all enjoy.  Last year, we hiked at the nature preserve where Mr. Great and I got married.  This year, we explored a new spot, which turned out to be perfect for our young hikers.

We hiked a short loop with numbered plants and an educational guide to teach us about the surroundings.

We didn't get far before we decided to sit along the edge of the trail and have a picnic.

The best part of all, according to the kids, was the snacks.  What kid doesn't love frozen grapes on a stick?

Or gourmet muffins?

Or frozen yogurt in a tube?

Yes, we love snacks.

Thankfully, we had a trusty packmule to carry all those supplies.

And a guide to help find a shady picnic spot.

I can't wait to take this crew out for more hikes when the weather cools off.  I think we've got lots of great hiking adventures ahead of us.

I'm glad this guy likes hikes.  We sure like him.

I can't decide which of these is my favorite picture from that day.

What a difference a year makes:

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