New Hampshire Vacation, Part 1.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

To finish out the summer, I'd like to recap our family vacation.  I want to take myself back to a place where 90 degrees was freakishly warm (oh how I long for that now), where everything was green, and where every day brought new adventures.  There are lots of photos coming.  Don't say I didn't warn you!

We chose the White Mountains of New Hampshire as our destination this year because it had something for everyone -- family-friendly hiking for me, beautiful scenery for Mr. Great, theme parks suited to young kids. 

We stayed in the North Pole Cottage at the Christmas Farm Inn in Jackson, New Hampshire, surrounded by granite mountains, towering pines, and iconic maples.  It is a charming little town, where everything is old and quaint, people are friendly, and even the library and bridge into town are cute.

It was unseasonably warm when we visited, reaching the upper 80s, but it was easily 20 degrees cooler than home.  We found it perfect for playing in the park, exploring the old train station, and eating ice cream.

Just up the road from Jackson is a small amusement park called Storyland.  It is perfect for young children. 

It's beautifully decorated, full of storybook characters, whimsical places to explore, and fun rides.

If you're 36 inches tall, as we learned Little Brother is, you can ride everything there.  They'll even give you a driver's license and let you drive a car.

We got to meet Cinderella.

Since I was celebrating my birthday a bit early, I got to sit on the throne.  Queen for a day!

We visited Blackbeard's fort aboard a pirate ship, sailed by Butterfly Island in a swan ship, rode a carousel, and took a spin on a rollercoaster (Little Brother's first!) called the "Polar Coaster."

We even watched a circus, including a family of three who did tricks on unicycles.  We enjoyed every minute of our day at Storyland.

More to come in part 2.  Thanks for indulging me.

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