New Hampshire Vacation, Part 5 (the end!).

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

As we packed up and took a few final photos, we were all sad to say goodbye to New Hampshire.  Just look at these sad faces (ha!):

We squeezed in a visit to Clark's Trading Post on our last day.  It is another small-scaled theme park, this time with a fun pioneer theme.  We rode an old-timey train through the woods and tried to scare away the "wolfman" living in the woods, which fascinated and scared Little Brother all at the same time.  We watched a one-ring outdoor circus of Chinese contortionists and acrobats, and marveled at the show bears who would play basketball and ride scooters for a bite of ice cream.  We ate some ice cream ourselves, crushed some pennies, and dipped some wax candles.   

We even dressed up and got our picture taken as a family of cowboys and cowgirls.

 New Hampshire, we had a blast.  Thank you for a wonderful family vacation!

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