Tutorial: Making Baby Washcloth Lollipops.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I recently hosted a baby shower for my sister, who is expecting to welcome my baby nephew very soon.  To decorate, I put together some lollipops made of baby washcloths.

Since they're so easy to make and so cute, I put together a quick tutorial to share.  Now this is hardly an original idea.  Before beginning this project, I watched several videos on You Tube, read this great tutorial on 320 Days of Sunshine, and even purchased video instructions from Diaper Cake Baby, who appears to be able to make anything in the world out of a baby washcloth.  Putting all of that advice together, this is the method that I came up with.

Supplies Needed:

2 baby washcloths*
invisible tape
double-sided tape
baby spoon**
clear elastic hair band***
white tulle, cut into large square
optional:  ribbon or twist tie

* Although some recommend washcloths with serged edges for making lollipops, I prefer to wash babies with the ones with bound edges.  So that's generally what I used in making my lollipops.  I also like the lollipops to be big, so the bound edges worked well.  For some lollipops, I did use one bound edge washcloth and one serged edge washcloth, when that worked best for colors (it's not easy to find orange ones!).  I found good choices at Target, Marshall's, and Ross.  Stripes work great.
** I used baby spoons by NUK, which come in packages of 6, available at Target.  But any baby spoons should work.  Or you could use popsicle sticks.
*** Goody makes these, and I'm sure other manufacturers do as well.  They're sold with little girl hair accessories.


1.  Fold washcloth in half like so, corners facing you.

2.  Put a strip of double-sided tape near the left and right bound edges, along the top fold.  It's hard to see here, but if you look closely, you'll find it.  You probably don't want it right along the edge, but a little to the inside.

3.  Begin rolling up from the bottom, where the two corners come together.  To reduce bulk, fold the bottom corner over the top corner, as shown in the above photo.

4.  Continue rolling up toward the folded edge, keeping the roll nice and tight, and smoothing wrinkles as you go.

5.  When the waschloth is rolled into a tight tube, the double-sided tape on each end should keep it together.

6.  Fold, tape, and roll your second washcloth, just as you did the first.

7.  You should now have two tightly-rolled tubes.

8.  Place one tube on top of the other, making sure to put the taped edges of each to the back.

9.  Begin rolling the tubes.  You can hide the binding by folding it in a bit, as shown above.

10.  Keeping tubes aligned, roll the lollipop.  The tighter, the better.

11.  It's okay if one tube extend past the other, as happened to me here.  When you reach the end, fold the binding under to hide it (or not, you decide!).

12.  Secure the ends with tape.  I guess you could get crazy and use double-sided tape, which would be completely hidden.  But the regular tape doesn't really show under the tulle, so I used that.

13.  If necessary, straighten up your rolled lollipop to make sure everything is flush and pretty.

14.  Turn the lollipop over, place the spoon over the center, and secure it with tape.  This is important, and I learned the hard way:  Put another strip of tape across spoon handle, toward the bottom of the lollipop roll.  This is not shown in the photo, but it really helps keep everything together over time.

15. Wrap tulle around lollipop, taking care to place most of the wrinkles at the back.

16.  Secure tulle with elastic band at bottom of lollipop.

17.  Arrange wrinkles if necessary.  Trim tulle with scissors.  Keep it fairly short, so baby spoon handle will show.

18.  If desired, tie ribbon over elastic band.  Or you could use cute paper twist ties, as shown here.

19.  Admire your handiwork.

20.  Make more!