The First Annual Birthday Interview.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

When Big Sister turned five a couple of months ago, I began a new birthday tradition:  the annual birthday interview, on video.  I'm really excited to see how this progresses, how the kids' answers differ from what I expect, how their answers change over time, how the little interviews capture their personalities.

This first run was crazy because when we were a few questions in, the glass globe from Big Sister's ceiling fan unexpectedly crashed to the floor and broke into a million pieces.  When we later started over after cleaning the big mess, Big Sister was (understandably) a little shaken.  I'm not sure how well the video reflects her usual demeanor, but I think it's still a good representation of who Big Sister is at age five.  I wish I could share the video here -- trust me when I tell you that it's charming and fun and cute -- but there's a bit too much personal, identifying information for the big bad Internet.  I will share some of my favorite answers though.

What do you like best about school?  Science experiments.

What snack do you like best?  Chocolate kisses.

What music do you like best?  Sound of Music songs.

Who is the coolest person in the world?  All of my family.

What are you best at?  Finding money.

What is hard for you?  Flying.

What is your favorite treat?  Presents.

If you had a lot of money, what would you do with it?  Take some to the bank to change into dollars, and keep some.

What makes you sad?  When I get in trouble.

What is something you like about Mama?  That she loves me every single day.

What is something you like about Dada?  That he loves me every single day.

What have you learned in the past year?  That a chrysalis is also a pupa.

If you had one wish, what would it be?  To live forever with all of my family.

That's my girl.  What a sweetie-pie.

Photo courtesy of Melissa Glynn Photography

I uploaded my list of interview questions to Google docs.  Please feel free to use it, and let me know how your interviews turn out.

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