Monday, October 3, 2011

In between our New Hampshire vacation and the start of kindergarten, a birthday happened.  I'm very late in mentioning it -- maybe I'm still trying to process how Big Sister, my baby, could possibly be five.  FIVE.  The tiny girl who changed my life forever has been with us for five whole years.  Cinco.  Amazing.

We had a gymnastics party this year, a joint party with a classmate we've known and loved for years, whose birthday is three days earlier.  Last year the girls had a Sleeping Beauty-Batman party.  This year it was all about the foam pit, air-track, beams, and bars.  It was a fun way to celebrate, and to say goodbye to friends who were heading off to kindergarten.  We miss those friends now!

This five-year-old is very fast.  She does not make picture-taking easy.  Her brother, who now happens to be convinced that he is also five, is almost as quick.   

I think one of the day's highlights for Big Sister was getting to catch up with a friend she misses very much.  They were like teenagers, chatting away and giggling.

My sister, who makes such incredible cakes, outdid herself this time (despite being quite pregnant!).  She made two cakes -- Superman for our friend Lily, and pink fairy for Big Sister.  I'm sorry to have painted over Big Sister's name here, but this is the world wide web, after all.

With bellies full of yummy chocolate cake, it was parachute time.

Whew, keeping up with Big Sister is hard work.

Medals for everyone!

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