The Ghosts of Halloweens Past.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Actually, there are no ghosts.  It doesn't get any scarier around here than witches and bugs.

I've had so much fun looking back through our Halloween pictures.  Although I only made bits and pieces of costumes, I had a blast assembling them.  And I'm happy that they're almost entirely homemade, one-of-a-kind creations made with quality materials.

Year 1, Witch Princess:  Big Sister was a tiny little thing, not even three months old.  Isn't she the cutest witch princess ever?  I bought the dress at a local boutique, and the tiny shoes came from Etsy (I swear, I could not survive Halloween without Etsy).  I made the hat, which is still sitting in the top of my closet because I can't bring myself to throw it out.

Year 2, Viking Princess:  Although Big Sister could walk and was beginning to talk, the viking princess didn't feel well (the first of the Halloween sicknesses to hit our house).  But we still managed to catch a smile.  I bought the onesie and viking shoes (those shoes were awesome), had the hat and skirt made by Etsy sellers.  I made the ribbon strap thing, back before I had a sewing machine.

Year 3, Bug Princess:  This is one bug you won't want to squash, except maybe with a snug hug.  She moved so fast that getting pictures was a real challenge.  Now, years later, I'm so glad that we met the challenge.  I bought the shirt and slippers.  Antennae were made by Etsy seller World of Whimm, whose creations I adore (we've bought many, and each piece is seriously high quality).  Tutu and cape (repurposed vintage sheet) were also Etsy purchases.

Year 4, Snow White and the Eighth Dwarf, Cutie:  Little Brother's first Halloween (he was 10 months old)!  Big Sister got sick for Halloween (again) and missed out on lots of fun.  Although I was sewing by this point, I was firmly in my I-don't-do-costumes phase.  So I found a local seamstress through Ebay who made this Snow White dress and cape of quality cotton.  The dress was worn many times and held up beautifully (I love when costumes are just well-decorated clothes!).  I bought the headband from -- you guessed it -- at Etsy seller.  Little Brother's dwarf costume was made by Etsy seller Katesy, who added eyebrows for me.  I later turned the dwarf shirt into a prince shirt for a children's ball.

Year 5 (last year!), Giant Panda and Zookeeper:  The cutest little pair ever.  Makes my heart melt to see these.  Big Sister chose her costume, and I chose Little Brother's to match.  I had Etsy sellers make Big Sister's dress and mask.  I made her paw scarf.  I purchased Little Brother's costume, but it's nice cotton, and he still wears those shorts.  Those boots were Little Brother's favorites (also one of the very few hand-me-downs from Big Sister); he wanted to wear them all the time, so it worked perfectly to incorporate them into the costume.

And that brings us to this year.  Stay tuned, folks!

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