Halloween 2011.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Introducing . . .


But, wait, where is Rapunzel's long, long hair?  Why, it's with Batman, of course!

Batman, you say?  Holy cuteness!

Who needs Flynn Rider when you've got Batman?

I had to let go of a lot this year.  I let go of having more unique costumes (panda! bug! viking princess!) and embraced having costumes that are certainly in the top 10 for the year.  Truth be told, Big Sister lost a lot of enthusiasm for Rapunzel when she learned that a classmate is also going to be Rapunzel, so we may return to more original costumes next year.  I also let go of having coordinating costumes and embraced letting each child choose.  As much as I wanted a little Flynn Rider, I know that his costume is nowhere near as exciting as Batman.  And as much as I wanted a girl Robin, I know Big Sister doesn't care a bit about the boy wonder.  So, Rapunzel and Batman it is.  What I didn't let go of was handmade and quality materials.  Although I didn't do it all, every piece of these costumes was handmade.

This Halloween is brought to you by Etsy.  I must be the best Etsy customer of all time.  I'm not even telling how many purchases I've made there.  Rapunzel's dress was made by AngelBear, and her hair was made last year by JanumTrusty Sidekick made Batman's shirt and knit cape, Little Lids for Kids made his hat, and World of Whimm made his gauntlets (not pictured here, but awesome as always).  I made Batman's belt and added a Batman emblem to the cape.  I also made the pants by modifying an Ottobre pattern, inspired  by this wonderful tutorial from Shannon Makes Stuff.

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