Baby Shower (and games!).

Friday, November 4, 2011

Back in September, some ladies and I threw a baby shower for my sister and her husband.  This is their first baby, and we were all very excited to make the day special for them.  The room was filled with love, as friends new and old, and family from near and far, came together in celebration of the baby boy whose arrival was imminent.

I was so busy with other things, that I took pitifully few photos.  I wish I had more to share!

This was a fun shower to plan because guests ranged in age from 2 to 66 and included men and women.  We had a table of delicious dips, finger sandwiches, and munchies.  We had mimosas.  And, of course, we had sweets.  To make things easy, we ordered cupcakes from bakery.  Then we added tiny little feet:

We also ordered a small fondant cake, then we added decorations made by my sister (yes, the pregnant one!), whose cakes never cease to amaze me.  Just look at this cutie-pie mama-to-be:

To decorate, we hung a clothesline of precious, tiny baby things.  Peek-a-boo!

Recognize that dino romper?  Soon I'll get to see a baby in it!

We couldn't miss the opportunity to honor the baby boy's name:

Those are the baby washcloth lollipops I made (tutorial here).  The blocks were made by Etsy seller No Place Like Home Shop, who was a joy to work with and painted the cutest little dino and frog. 

I've never been a big fan of a baby shower games.  I think I was traumatized at the first shower I ever attended by watching grown men suck beer out of baby bottles as fast as they could, followed by close examination of "dirty" diapers to guess the candy that made the mess.  Years later, now that I've attended lots of baby showers, I've come around to believing that games can be good ice-breakers and entertainment.  So I wanted to come up with some low-key games that would be fun and interactive, while not putting anybody in the spotlight too much.  The real challenge was that the games, and prizes, had to be appropriate for men, women, and children, ages 2 to 66.  I came up with two games that I think everyone enjoyed. 

We first played Mrs. Wright, where guests passed wrapped gifts to the left and right when they heard those words in a story I read, and the guests holding those gifts at the end of the story won them.  I adapted the Mrs. Wright story from some examples I found, taking bits and pieces of various versions, and adding some of my own.  The story is ridiculous, and it had everybody fumbling and trying to remember their left from right.  I've shared my version of the Mrs. Wright baby shower game (with names changed) in a Google document here.  Please feel free to use it, and let me know how your guests like it.

Our second game was trivia.  The guests formed small groups to work together in answering multiple-choice trivia questions.  This was more fun than I guessed it would be, and I loved listening to the groups reason through the answer choices.  With three generations represented, including men and women, parents of children ages 2-40, and adults without children, there were lots of interesting comments.  The questions, which were pretty obscure, did not give anyone an advantage.  Everyone enjoyed hearing the answers, some of which were very surprising.  My sister's team ended up winning, which was great.  I assembled the questions with help from some online sources (see here and here), adding many questions of my own. I've also shared my baby shower trivia game and the answers.  Please feel free to use it, though you may want to change questions that relate specifically to the name, state, due date, etc. 

As with all baby showers, there were loads of gifts.  But the best gift of all was the love showered upon this little family, now a family of three.

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