Bowl Full of Blessings.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

As November comes to a close, we are wrapping up our month of Thankful Things.  We find our Thankful Bowl full of blessings and ourselves more conscious of our good fortune.  We are a family rich in love, tradition, warmth, and laughter.  I am Thankful, every day, for this life.

Hearing the kids discuss what they are thankful for has been a joy.  Big Sister's Thankful Things often sound like a prayer.  Little Brother keeps it simple.  They've surprised me with their awareness and amused me with their honesty.  These are some of my favorites from the past month.

Big Sister's Thankful Things:
  • Having an easy life.
  • Having a brother who loves me.
  • Lots of hugs.
  • Good teachers who like us a lot and don't be mean to us.
  • Good views on our family hike.
  • Having friends and family that take care of us and love us a million.
  • Being loved, being together.
Little Brother's Thankful Things:
  • Ravioli.
  • People who love us.
  • Mini Wheats.
  • Banana ice cream.
  • Having a sister and nice family.
  • Doctors helping kids.
  • Watering the garden with the bucket.
I know this family tradition has made an impact on my children when I see their reluctance to give it up.  Thanksgiving has now passed, and the pull of Christmas is strong.  Yet Big Sister runs from the dinner table for pen and paper, insisting that we discuss the blessings we enjoy.  That makes me happy.

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