Catching Up on Halloween.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

For my 100th post (!!!), I'm going to play catch-up.  I haven't quite figured out how so many bloggers have beautiful holiday photos posted weeks before the actual holiday, when I can't even manage to get mine onto the computer until weeks after the holiday.  I'm banking on the fact that nobody will ever complain about the timing of cute kid pictures (right, grandparents?).

So, remember how I told you that Big Sister was Rapunzel?  Well, I left out a small detail.  She was also a pink kitty.  Convinced that she needed a different costume for her school carnival, Big Sister went to her closet and came out with this:

Little Brother stuck with his Batman costume, of course.

Big Sister's school puts on a fantastic carnival.  There were more bouncy/inflatable things than I could count, and almost every classroom was decorated for a fun game.  They even had pony rides.  I helped with the spider toss, and it was the most fun I've ever had doing lots of squats.  We burned through 80 tickets in no time.

Speaking of Big Sister's school, I got to help the kindergarteners with a craft during their Halloween party.  We made bouncy spiders out of pipe cleaners and beads, like this:

The kids did really well with a very short time to devote to their creations.

At home, we carved jack-o-lanterns.  Big Sister was very excited about the process and wanted to be in charge of every part of the project.  She designed the faces and helped draw them on the pumpkins, fearlessly scooped "pumpkin guts," supervised the cutting, and schooled Little Brother in the fine art of pumpkin carving.

Little Brother, who was less helpful, mostly banged on things with a stick.

Our two spooky jack-o-lanterns:

No, wait!  There are three!

Halloween night was spent trick-or-treating.  Big Sister was back to Rapunzel, and I was Mother Gothel, the creepy, selfish mother in the Tangled movie (sorry, no pictures).  Little Brother was Batman, and Mr. Great was Robin.  Sadly, his quickly assembled costume made him look more like a Red Robin burger delivery dude.  Regarless, Little Brother was thrilled to have a sidekick.

At the end of it all, we collapsed in a heap of exhaustion, too tired to take another step. 

What fun we had!  Now on to Thankful Things...

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