Family Turkey Project.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Last week, Big Sister came home from kindergarten with an assignment for the entire family.  We had to decorate a turkey (drawing provided), and we all had to participate.  That was the extent of the instructions; the rest was left to us.

The assignment was due Monday, and our turkey went missing on Sunday afternoon.  We searched the house, and we searched it again.  No turkey.  We searched the Internet and found plenty of turkeys, but not a printable version of the right turkey.  We printed one that was similar, glued it to cardstock, and got to work.

Big Sister did most of the planning and made most of the design decisions.  Here is our Family Turkey Project (with kids' names removed):

The feathers are pieces of brown fabric, the neck is colored with brown pencil, wings are black rick-rack, body is fake leaves, downy feathers are tiny alphabet pasta, beak and feet are orange pipe cleaners, and the "gobbler" is a tiny pinecone.  The turkey is standing on Cheerio rocks.  Funny thing about that -- when Big Sister opened the pantry to get the Cheerios, she found the original turkey drawing stuffed in the cabinet.  I think Little Brother probably had something to do with that, but he blames the cat.

The yellow strips at the top are Thankful Things, which is one of my very favorite family traditions.  Every November evening through Thanksgiving, we each share what we're thankful for.  We write it down, and we put the list in our Thankful Bowl.  On Sunday night, instead of putting the list in the bowl, we cut it apart and glued it to our Family Turkey Project.

I'm not sure how visible or legible those Thankful Things are, so I'll repeat them here.

Little Brother:  Thankful for cutting and Cheerios.
Mama:  Thankful for our family and time together.
Big Sister:  Thankful for having a good life.
Mama:  Thankful for good schools.
Dada:  Thankful for art and family traditions.
Dada:  Thankful for laughter.
Little Brother:  Thankful for spending the night with Oma and Opa.
Big Sister:  Thankful for having Halloween, having a good house, and having good grandparents.

I love Thanksgiving.  There's nothing like hearing your young children recognize and talk about the blessings in their lives. 

Want to make your own family turkey?  The turkey template we used can be downloaded here.

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