Happy Meal.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Daylight Savings Time this morning meant extra time to spend on Big Sister's lunch.  And extra time meant that I reached a new level of lunch ridiculousness.

This is a risky move -- Big Sister has been known to refuse to eat things that are Too Cute.  This is the kid, after all, who would not wear new ballet shoes when she thought the bunnies on the fabric lining were Too Cute.  I hope she doesn't go hungry because I got my hands on some cookie cutters, edible eyeballs, sugar glue, and food markers.   

Packing Big Sister's lunch has been one of the hardest parts of transitioning to kindergarten.  She's a picky eater to begin with, she's easily distracted, and kindergarteners don't get much time to eat.  I'm constantly trying to think of lunchables that Big Sister will eat, and I've learned that cute presentation helps.  I've got a great supply of Bento tools -- mostly from All Things for Sale, which ships from the US -- to make my lunch-packing job easier.

If nothing else, those faces brighten a Monday, don't they?


  1. These made me giggle! Did she eat them? I need to get some more cookie cutters because I'm bored with the sandwich shapes I've been making for Benjamin.

  2. Yes, she ate all but the eyeballs. And, really, who can blame her there?!