Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We loaded up and went to a wedding a few weeks ago.  All four of us.  Turns out we clean up pretty well.

Our hotel was on a lake, with a miniature lighthouse out back.  We had fun exploring the surroundings, even with a bit of wind.

That's Big Sister in her Sara Dress, remember?  This is Little Brother, King of the World:

This is before the wedding, all dressed up:

I have no idea what he's doing.  I do know that's marker on his fingers, and not blood!

Truth be told, we did not do well during the ceremony.  We lasted only a few minutes before having to retreat to somewhere that noise and movement are more acceptable.  But we enjoyed the reception, which was at a castle.  A castle!

That one's great, but this one (below) is my life:

I don't have a tripod, and I never take pictures in the dark, so this picture of the castle was the best I could manage:

Big Sister was fascinated with the bride.  Maybe it was her cool dreadlocks.  Or maybe the cowgirl boots with the pretty white dress.  Or maybe just the magic of a wedding.  Whatever it was, it had us peeking around corners, always trying to get a glimpse of the beautiful bride.

We wish these two all the best as they begin their life together!

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