Elf Antics.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Have elves been busy at your house?  Sparkle and Nicky, who Santa delivered a couple of weeks ago, have been up to all sorts of silly things.  Our mornings start with a search for the mischievous elves, to discover what they were up to while we all slept.  Here's what we've found.

They read Christmas books, and spread them all over the coffee table.

They made tiny donuts and left tiny bottles of milk.

These elves are very helpful when it comes to deocating the house.  The put up the advent calendar, kids' nativity set, and small kids' Christmas tree.

They fed the cat, with a front-end loader.

They brought a fun wool felt tree craft (more on that later).

They even decorated our ceiling fan.

They brought a new, easy-to-read book.  Our elves love to read.  Obviously.

I'll share more of this year's antics soon.  Here's more elf mischief from previous years.

They decorated with snowflakes, large and small.

The love spelling words with blocks.

They brought clementines (pears too, but no picture of that).

They brought gingerbread-scented playdough.

They brought an invisible ink coloring book and did a little coloring.

They got stuck in kids' water bottles.

And they got tangled in Christmas lights.

They brought a DVD of Christmas songs that's been watched a million times.

Thanks to Sparkle and Nicky, and Big Sister, our house is bursting with Christmas Spirit.

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