Monday, December 19, 2011

Apparently I have a weakness for giraffe fabric.  I have yards and yards of it, in all sorts of colors.  As much as I love it in my fabric cabinet, it looks even better on kids. 

I used a cotton French terry piece to make Big Sister a raglan nightgown.

This is design 36 from the 6/2009 issue of Ottobre magazine, which I adore.  I've used this pattern a bunch (though never with French terry), and it's perfect for my nightgown-loving girl.  I've discovered recently, however, that my girl has gotten quite tall, and it's now more of a challenge to get by with just one yard of fabric.  Hence the band at the bottom, and the upside down fabric on the back, which doesn't show in this photo.

Little Brother got PJs out of a thinner fabric (probably jersey).  Also Ottobre 6/2009, but designs 34 and 35.  Also great patterns, perfect fit.

For a baby who should be born any day now (another Christmas baby perhaps?), a set made with my favorite pattern, New Conceptions Baby Essentials.

Did you notice that all three sets have the same brown trim?  They do.  I'm pretty sure it's a cotton-lycra knit from Chez Ami, whose knit fabrics are excellent quality.

I still have plenty of giraffe fabric left, but I think I'll move on to something else for a little while.  Elephants?  Birds?  Robots?

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  1. So seriously cute!!! I have to admit, I'm so very timid about sewing on knit...I have only tried once...and sadly it was a total epic FAIL. haha Have any pointers?? I would love to hear them! Thanks!