Catching up.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Where have I been?  What have I been doing?  I feel like each day is packed full, yet I've done very little sewing or crafting.  I haven't been reading or exercising or cooking fabulous meals.  I guess I've been putting all of my energy into playing Batman and Robin, snuggling sick kiddos, helping Big Sister practice her handwriting, figuring out how Daisy Scouts earn petals/badges, reading aloud from The Doll People series (we're on the third book now; they're totally fun!), and dreaming up fun family adventures for 2012.  I can't complain.

We did do some crafting back in December.  We worked on a paper button garland, courtesy of a great kit from Paper Source.  We now have a local Paper Source store, which makes Big Sister and me very happy.  Maybe we'll tackle one of the Valentine garland kits next.

We also worked on felt trees, courtesy of a kit from our Christmas elves, Sparkle and Nicky.

We had some photos taken with the new cousin.


Photos courtesy of Beverly Barrett Photography.

Then, of course, there was Christmas.  

Christmas was so crazy that I only managed a few photos, and they're not exactly winning shots.  We put out food for Santa's reindeer on Christmas Eve, as suggested by Sparkle and Nicky.

It worked!  Santa came!

Big Sister and I surprised Mr. Great with a fun gift.  I found the idea for reindeer beer on Pinterest (oh how I love that site!).  How can you not smile at reindeer beer?

We had a parade with the new drum and cymbals that Santa brought.

And we celebrated a birthday.  Little brother turned three!

Yes, he only has one candle and it's in a Clementine.  We thought, foolishly, that Little Brother would enjoy separating his birthday celebration from the Christmas celebration.  He asked me every day for a week why we didn't have cake.  Next year, and every year after, we will eat cake on Christmas.  Maybe we should start a new tradition -- birthday cake for breakfast!


  1. That would be a really fun way to celebrate his birthday on Christmas. After all, who else gets birthday cake on Christmas for breakfast? No one! I love the reindeer beer and we need to make some garlands too.