More Elf Antics.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I hope you all had very happy holidays.  We certainly did.  We played and crafted, saw some family, and best of all, we had lots of time with just the four of us.  We enjoyed goodies from Santa, and we celebrated Little Brother's Christmas birthday, both on Christmas Day and again on New Year's Day.  We did sparklers on New Year's Eve with neighbor-friends, and took a fun neighborhood nature hike.  We made lots of messes and cleaned them up, again and again.  We learned that we can improvise at least three separate Batman costumes for Little Brother, who excels at mess-making.  And we learned that pond water and tap water look very different under a microscope.

But we welcome the return to our routine.  Christmas decorations are put away, kids are back to school, I'm back to the craziness of packing my days full of way too many projects. 

Speaking of too many projects, I have proven -- for real, this time -- that blogging is more than I can manage during the holidays.  I hardly even snapped any photos of all the fun we had!  I do have a couple of holiday-related posts in the works though.

I'm sure everybody is tired of seeing elves on shelves and was happy to bid them farewell until next year.  But in hopes of inspiring someone with ideas for next year, I want to share our last days of elf mischief.  You can find Part 1 of elf antics here.

Sparkle and Nicky delivered carrots made of Cheez-Its (a special treat at our house).

They got busy on the computer and sent Big Sister and Little Brother lots of emails, including Elf Yourself videos and messages from Santa (via Portable North Pole).

One night, they played school in our yellow bus.  We already knew they love to read.  Apparently they love school too.

The next night they were teachers at Elf School, where they trained lazy and distracted little elves about elf mischief.

They set up a fishing game and caught goldfish.

Sparkle and Nicky, who must have been missing the North Pole cold, brought a kit for making fake snow.  They also played with marshmallow snowballs.

We loved the fake snow.  Such cool stuff.  It really does look a lot like snow, even if it does feel a bit slimier.  The kids sprinkled it across our sidewalk.

Sparkle and Nicky read a new story to lots of little friends.  Even Rita Cat got in on the action -- see her watching from a safe distance?

They pretended to be space elves.  Who needs reindeer and a sleigh when you've got a spaceship?

One morning, we found Sparkle and Nicky under the tree snuggled into Christmas socks and underwear.  Sparkle's socks (sleeping bag?) fit Big Sister, and Nicky's underwear fit Little Brother.  So exciting!  Oh, and they shared their snuggly spots with some new friends, which Big Sister had made and placed in their bed the day before.

The elves made snowmen!  I was shocked to learn that my kids do not like powdered donuts.  Who would have guessed?!  Fortunately, they did like the candy hats, carrot noses, and fruit roll scarves.

Hey, who are these bearded guys who ate all of Santa's cookies?

Those sneaky elves and their disguises!

On their last night, Sparkle and Nicky left a nice note, along with some food for Santa's reindeer.  And they left a soft family of reindeer, which kept finding their way into the kids' backpacks and beds.

After all, who doesn't love reindeer?

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