My Babies.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

They're getting so big.  They're very busy.  Life is loud and chaotic.  We try to savor each moment, but they pass so quickly.  

Big Sister is textbook Type A, first-born child.  She's focused and intense, stubborn, passionate.  She knows what she wants, and she won't stop until she gets it.  She has vision and vivid imagination, and she expects the world to conform.  She's creative and inventive.  When she does something, she wants to do it very well.  If she doesn't immediately excel, she's not sure she wants to do it at all.  She's reserved, but also very expressive.  She's sensitive.  She's playful and silly.  Those of you who know me well will probably think I'm writing about myself.  I see a lot of myself in Big Sister's personality.  I see a lot of Mr. Great in her face.

We're all still getting to know Little Brother's personality, which emerges more and more each day. We've known from the beginning that he'd be funny, and he is.  Maybe even a bit of a prankster.  He's cheerful and animated.  Unquestionably good-natured.  I often feel like I'm watching a cartoon when I'm with him.  His grandma lovingly refers to him a wind-up doll.   I'm not sure I've ever referred to anyone but Santa Claus or an elf as merry or jolly, but I think Little Brother is both merry and jolly.  But he's also determined and has a bit of a temper that flares up when things don't go his way.  Even then, he recovers quickly and is usually back to smiling within minutes.  He's full of sound effects and loves to save the world.

We're looking forward to watching these two develop in 2012, both as individuals and in their relationships with each other.  They teach each other a lot, and Mr. Great and I learn from them every day.

My resolutions for 2012 are simple.  Enjoy my family.  Laugh.  Smile.  Be silly.  Play.

Photos courtesy of Shutterfly Kisses Photography.  Please do not use any of photos from this blog for any purpose without my permission.  My children are my greatest creations of all, and my most treasured, and I don't want anything creepy to happen to them.

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  1. Jenny,
    As always thank you for sharing these amazing kids. They are so beautiful. When you are describing "big sister", it sounds just like you. You and Danny have done such a great job. Please continue sharing. Love to all of you.