100+ Hearts.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Apparently kindergarteners everywhere count the days of school until they reach 100, and then they celebrate.  Part of their celebration is counting -- 100 sprinkles for the cake, 100 steps around the school, 100 pieces of candy, 100 paper cups in a stack.  Each kindergartener brings a project from home that incorporates 100 somethings -- 100 dry spaghetti noodles, 100 pennies, 100 toy dinosaurs.  You get the idea.

For Big Sister's 100th day, I tried repeatedly to talk her into making a necklace with 100 beads.  Easy.  Cute.  She refused, firmly.  She wanted 100 ladybugs, firmly.  Not sure how to make that happen, I looked for other ideas.  We ultimately settled on a decoration for her classroom.  Knowing Valentine's Day was around the corner, hearts were an obvious choice.  We found some cardstock and a heart punch, and Big Sister went to work.  I did a little sewing, Big Sister did a little backyard exploring, and next thing we knew, we had a 100-day project.

Big Sister was very proud.  The hearts decorated her classroom through Valentine's Day, and now they hang in her room, where we all enjoy them.

Little Brother was no help at all in putting the 100-day project together, but we still love him.  In case you've been wondering, the Batman obsession continues.  He rarely calls me Mama anymore, only Robin.  My car is the Batmobile, and I'm often required to wear a cape.

You may have noticed that the title of this post is 100+ hearts.  Wondering where the rest are?  In Big Sister's lunch, of course.

I recently discovered a blog, Meet the Dubiens, that has given me lots of great ideas for cute ways to pack lunches.  Here, I've got tiny heart sandwiches, heart cheese and crackers, some fruit, and a frozen smoothie (with protein powder!).  I've started making a batch of smoothies and freezing them in little cups.  Perfect by lunchtime!


  1. You are brilliant! I love that 100 idea.

  2. so cute! and she is such a cutie! Jenny where did oyu get the plastic lunchbox? I waste so many plastic baggies that I think we need this! xx stacy

  3. Stacy, those lunch boxes are made by Lock & Lock. I buy the ones with the removable compartments from a bento supply store that has all sorts of things to make packing lunches almost fun: http://www.allthingsforsale.com/ I like the 800mL square and 1000mL rectangle versions.

  4. Ahhh... the 100's. When did that start? So far two of my kids have done it and none as great as yours. So when Vinny goes to Kinder this has got to be what he brings... but of course it will have to be all boy themed since he's such a beast. Maybe cars?