Some Smurfy Sewing.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's not quite all-Batman-all-the-time around here.  We allow brief infatuations with other characters occasionally.  We recently had a short Smurfs phase.  At Big Sister's insistence, I whipped up a Smurfs dress. 

This is the Maya dress pattern by modkid.  Size 7, alternate tie neckline thanks to the Sewing Blonde, knit fabric from Ixat (she recently moved over from Etsy, and I don't know if she has more Smurfs fabric, but I do know that she's very nice and helpful). 

I think this dress looks much better on a little Smurfette than on the hanger, even when it's a monkey hanger.

This fabric is an all-cotton knit (interlock, I guess), which is very stable and doesn't have a lot of stretch.  The red dot trim fabric doesn't have a ton of stretch either.  The sizing here worked well enough, but we probably would have been just fine with a size 8 (gulp).  I did have to make the waistband a little larger than the pattern provided, but that's probably due mostly to my fabric choice and only a little to a cute, still-somewhat-round belly.

One construction note for anyone tackling the Maya pattern:  The cutting diagram in the instruction booklet shows the skirt panel piece as being on the fold, where the waistband is clearly shown as not on the fold.  That's a bit confusing when the skirt pattern piece itself does not show it on the fold, and it says "cut 2."  I emailed modkid for clarification and had a very nice response from Patty Young herself within a couple of hours.  She explained that the cutting diagrams show the largest pattern pieces they offer, and here the size 8 pattern piece is 28 inches long, which would require positioning it very close to the fold of the fabric in order to fit.  We both agree that having two pieces cut on the fold would be much too much fabric (and a lot of gathering!).  So cut 2 skirt panel pieces, but not on the fold

Here you can see the tie neck.  I like the look, but next time I'd probably just do a regular neckband and attach a separate bow.  I think that would be a little faster and easier, and look pretty much the same.

Poor kid did not want her picture taken at the end of the day, but she's a good sport.  Even with the awful flash.

Not wanting to be left out, Little Brother requested Smurfs pajamas.  So I pulled out the same one-piece pattern I used for Batman pants, traced one size bigger and went to work.

I have a ridiculous weakness for t-shirt patterns and love to try new ones even when I have already have patterns that work great.  This is the Basic Tees pattern from Make It Perfect (all the way from Australia!).  Please excuse the bath hair and flash photography (again).

I sized up here too (size 4 tee), in hopes that these PJs would last through the summer.  Because this is such a stable knit, the pants don't have a lot of extra room.  The fit of this shirt, which turned out quite good, totally surprises me.  From the moment I traced the pattern, I felt sure that the shirt would be huge and that the width across the shoulders would be much too broad.  This is certainly a relaxed style, but I think it's actually proportioned pretty well.  I used the view C short sleeve piece.

As it turns out, I finished these pieces just in time for the end of our short Smurfs phase.  It appears we've now moved on to Wonder Woman and the Flash.  Go thing those fabrics are hard to find!

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  1. Hello :) I found this by accident while checking on something else and just wanted to say these look great! What cute kiddies too, the fabric pales in comparison ;-) Gina.