Spring Peasant Dress.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Now that spring has sprung, I've been on a mission to master the peasant dress.  Peasant dresses are quick and easy.  I like that.  The simple style works well for busy, fun fabric (especially fabric with glitter!).  I like that, too.  And I really like that I can still, just barely, squeeze a peasant dress out of one yard of fabric. 

After looking at a million photos of peasant dresses, I decided that there are two things I consistently see in peasant dresses I like.  One is a narrow, trim bodice.  I have a great pattern with a narrow, trim bodice, which I've sewn a few times before -- the Sweet Little Dress by Leila & Ben.  The other is a sleeve that's not too long and not too puffy.  Although the Sweet Little Dress sleeve is great when finished with elastic, I want to find the perfect, non-puffy sleeve without elastic.  This is my first trial run, modifying the Sweet Little Dress sleeve by shortening it a bit and narrowing the width of it quite a bit.

I wish you could see the glitter in this Japanese import fabric (by Kokka, I think).  It's so cheerful, perfect for spring!

I think this sleeve is a good start.  The length and angles are just right, but next time I'll take out a bit more in width.  Then I think it might be perfect. 

But this is a solid start, and I'm sure this one will be worn plenty.

Next up -- peasant dresses with border print fabrics.  Happy Spring!

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