My First Rodeo, part 2.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

In part 1, I showed you the closest our rodeo trip got to anything, well, rodeo-like:  ponies.  Most of the livestock we saw looked more like this:

I learned something about my normally reserved, unsure-about-anything-new daughter that day.  She's a roller coaster daredevil!  She's really brave and was thrilled to ride anything fast or twirly.  And Opa was thrilled to join her in those adventures.

Big Sister even got to ride solo a few times.

And once she got paired up with a cute stranger.  First date?

Heights don't bother Big Sister.  Not one bit.  Check her out!

Her face looked like this all day:

While Big Sister was flying, Little Brother was scrambling his way through a 5-and-up obstacle course.  Slow and steady, that kid navigated the entire thing like a tiny Navy Seal.  It was amazing.

Oh, and not only are my kids brave, but they're also strong.  Strong enough to win prizes anyway.

The carnival was a blast.  We spent lots of money, smiled a bunch, and wore ourselves out.

We're still very curious about the actual rodeo part of it.  Next year...

My First Rodeo, part 1.

I'm not sure how this native Texan made it so many years without going to a rodeo.  Last month, we changed that.  To be fair, though, I think it's a real stretch to call it a rodeo.  We saw no barrel racing, calf roping, or bull riding.  I don't think we even saw a cowboy.  The kids rode ponies and fed some animals, then we headed to the carnival.  That's really what it was.  A carnival.  No complaints though.  Everyone had a great time.

I took a ridiculous number of photos, so I'll break this into two posts.

This little guy was fearless.  He loved petting the animals.  He was curious, gentle, respectful.  It was very fun to watch.

And this big girl, who loves all things cute, fell in love with a tiny goat.

I forgot to mention the tractors.  There were tractors!  And we got to pretend to drive them!

That's where Oma fell in love.

Next up, in part 2, rodeo roller coasters!  

Award Winning Charissa Dress.

Friday, April 20, 2012

I won my first sewing award!  Okay, not exactly, but there's a shiny gold trophy sitting in our house that wouldn't have made it here without my ridiculous compulsion to sew St. Patrick's Day clothing for my daughter.  

I love springtime, green, and clovers.  I love listening to Solas when I sew.  When I learned that some friends were throwing a St. Patrick's Day party, I immediately started looking for a pattern for my one yard of Shinzi Katoh clover fabric.  I settled on the Charissa Dress by Growing Up with Charissa, which I'd bought ages ago but never tried out.

This is a wonderfully easy-to-sew pattern.  It goes together quickly, and I love the simplicity of the flutter sleeve construction.  I opted for the most basic design, but this pattern is extremely versatile, and the pattern designer has lots of great examples of ways to embellish.

I made a size 7 for Big Sister, who just yesterday weighed in at 57 lbs. (wow).  I think I may have lengthened it a touch.  It's got plenty of room and I'm sure a 6 would have been totally fine, but this should last nicely through the summer.  I put a very generously-sized dart in the front, as it would have totally fallen off without it.  I later added two tiny darts to the back, and now the fit is perfect.

Isn't this dress cute on?

It turns out that our Irish party hosts were giving awards for best dressed party guests whose attire exemplified the spirit of St. Patrick's Day.  I didn't think we had any chance of winning.  After all, Big Sister was not dripping in green, and you have to look pretty hard to even see that there are clovers all over that dress (and adorable bees and ladybugs).  But my cute little model took home the Honorable Mention trophy.  Woohoo!

I know you're dying to know what that second word says.  It's pronounced kay-lee, and it means celebration/party.  By the time Big Sister took her trophy to school the following Monday, she had the word down and proudly taught her kindergarten class how to pronounce it.

I hope our friends will make this party an annual tradition.  I'm already looking forward to next year's St. Patrick's Day sewing.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What are skortings, you ask?  They're something that was designed for monkey bar loving girls who spend half their playground time upside down.  Skirt + built-in shorts + leggings length = skortings.  Yeah, I totally made that up.  But they're perfect for my girly girl who likes to monkey around.  These are from Ottobre Design, the Summer 3/2011 issue, pattern 20.

(Always well-accessorized, isn't she?)

I wish I'd photographed them with the skirt flipped up.  I think this is the best stripe matching I've ever done.  It's perfect.  Truly.  But you'll have to take my word for it.

Another shot, because she's so pretty in pink.

The leggings fabric is very stretchy.  I have no idea what it's made of, but it's got four-way stretch.  Knowing that, and having studied photos of finished skortings, I took in the width of the lower part of the legs just a bit.  Worked out great.

You see that red and blue blur in the background?  That's Superman.  And this is Superman flying:

Sometimes the background of a photo is better than the foreground, don't you think?


I still haven't figured out Instagram, and yet Facebook is willing to pay a billion dollars for it.  I'm obviously missing something.  If somebody wants to clue me in on how this billion-dollar app can make my life better, I'm all ears.  As far as I can tell, it's just another way to take phone photos and put them in a place that friends can see them.  

But in a short-lived attempt to up my cool quotient, I gave it a shot a few months ago.  I've been meaning to share this photo ever since.  I don't attribute its greatness to Instagram, but to the subject, who is such a little superhero dynamo.

And although Instagram is marketed as a big time-saver, it took me quite a while to figure out how to get the photo from my phone/Instagram onto this blog.  Again, I must be missing something.

Let's Go Fly a Kite.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A few weeks ago, on a beautiful and sunny Sunday when Mr. Great's parents were in town, we attempted to join the rest of our city at the Zilker Kite Festival.  Sadly, the line to get a shuttle bus snaked around two levels of the parking garage and was more than we were equipped to manage.  Forced to abandon that plan, we had to think fast to calm a very upset five-year-old who had been promised a spectacular kite day.  We ran to a favorite toy store, bought one of the few kites left on the shelf, ran home to get our cheapo beach kite, and headed to our neighborhood park.  With the grandparents' help, we made our own kite festival.


Thanks to Pops, we even got to fly a little plane.

It may not have been the kite festival we looked forward to, but everyone was smiling.  We finished off the afternoon with some backyard fun.


Thanks for visiting, Grandma and Pops!