My First Rodeo, part 1.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm not sure how this native Texan made it so many years without going to a rodeo.  Last month, we changed that.  To be fair, though, I think it's a real stretch to call it a rodeo.  We saw no barrel racing, calf roping, or bull riding.  I don't think we even saw a cowboy.  The kids rode ponies and fed some animals, then we headed to the carnival.  That's really what it was.  A carnival.  No complaints though.  Everyone had a great time.

I took a ridiculous number of photos, so I'll break this into two posts.

This little guy was fearless.  He loved petting the animals.  He was curious, gentle, respectful.  It was very fun to watch.

And this big girl, who loves all things cute, fell in love with a tiny goat.

I forgot to mention the tractors.  There were tractors!  And we got to pretend to drive them!

That's where Oma fell in love.

Next up, in part 2, rodeo roller coasters!  

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