My First Rodeo, part 2.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

In part 1, I showed you the closest our rodeo trip got to anything, well, rodeo-like:  ponies.  Most of the livestock we saw looked more like this:

I learned something about my normally reserved, unsure-about-anything-new daughter that day.  She's a roller coaster daredevil!  She's really brave and was thrilled to ride anything fast or twirly.  And Opa was thrilled to join her in those adventures.

Big Sister even got to ride solo a few times.

And once she got paired up with a cute stranger.  First date?

Heights don't bother Big Sister.  Not one bit.  Check her out!

Her face looked like this all day:

While Big Sister was flying, Little Brother was scrambling his way through a 5-and-up obstacle course.  Slow and steady, that kid navigated the entire thing like a tiny Navy Seal.  It was amazing.

Oh, and not only are my kids brave, but they're also strong.  Strong enough to win prizes anyway.

The carnival was a blast.  We spent lots of money, smiled a bunch, and wore ourselves out.

We're still very curious about the actual rodeo part of it.  Next year...

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